sobota, 1 lutego 2014

Sea Colors

This is the last post from the seaside.. and it was the best day we've spent there:) There was no snow anymore, but it was still very beautiful. I just love the colors of the sea and beach…they're my favorites. I'm a big fan of pastels in general, but the colors of the sea and sand suit me most..light blue, grey, emerald, light brown, white, sandy... ( can I actually call the color of the sand "sandy"?!?:D) Anyway, they're just really beautiful and they soothe me:)

So as you can see I look super super happy at these pictures and this is how I felt seeing all those beautiful things…the sea and the swans! There were so many of them! And I had an opportunity to feed them! Yay! But I was a little scared that they might bite me and…one of them actually did it! While I was feeding my beautiful swans one of them ambushed from behind and bit me! Luckily it didn't hurt much, but my boyfriend was laughing at me because I looked super shocked and started to through the bread to the birds faster and faster and I was withdrawing and they kept on approching at me so I just threw the rest of the bread at them and run away! It must have looked really funny;D I must say I still enjoyed feeding swans even though one of them bit me and I got pretty scared:P.

It's really hard to pick a nice outfit at this time of the year when it's really cold…and I wanted to match the colors of my outfit with the colors of the seaside. I picked high-waisted skinny jeans in light blue color and matched them with white turtleneck sweater and a brown sheepshin coat that has parts in the color of the sand, which I call sandy;D And I added a little gold accent by wearing a necklace:)

I'm wearing: Topshop boots, River Island jeans, Pull&Bear turtleneck sweater, H&M necklace, Zara sheepshin coat.

Hope you'll like it.


poniedziałek, 27 stycznia 2014

Winter Lights

HI! Today I'm posting pictures from another photoshoot in Swinoujscie (small town at the polish seaside). I was freezing there!! But it was worth it, the pictures look really nice and this town is so lovely that I didn't complain that much;)

  I wanted to create something elegant but not too stiff… so I matched an elegant skirt with an oversize crop top and low-heeled boots. No jewelery was needed thanks to sequins on the crop top.

I'm wearing: Topshop crop top, Simple skirt, Simple belt, Topshop boots.
Hope, you'll like it:)

niedziela, 19 stycznia 2014

Sand In My Shoes

I haven't posted anything since a looong time, sorry for that, I was busy, there were lots of things going on in my life..But I'm back with a new post from polish seaside! I always wanted to go there during winter. Unlucky for me this winter is pretty weird and there is no snow:( Despite that my boyfriend decided to take me there and one day it actually started snowing a little bit! It wasn't a lot of snow but I saw what I wanted...sand covered in snow, it looks magical. I only wish it was that the sea would freeze and the waves would form beautiful shapes..Hope I'll see that next year!:) But it was great, the views were beautiful, the sound of the sea was very relaxing and the best thing...there weren't many people:).

These pitures were taken late in the evening at the beach..:) before that, we went for a little walk in the park.

I'm wearing: Zara sheepskin coat, crop sweatshirt, skirt, H&M necklace, Topshop shoes.

poniedziałek, 6 stycznia 2014

Coffee Time

Hi! It's my first post in 2014! I'm still in Poland...having long holidays;d Went for goodbye coffee with my best friend who returns to Berlin today:(. I'm going to miss her so much..which means that you'll be  probably seeing new posts from Berlin soon;D We went to a new place in Szczecin which I already like a lot, it's another columbus coffee (we have looooots of them in Szczecin) but it looks great, it's right in the city center, made out of glass, so you can see the city while you're drinking your coffee or if you're not really feeling comfortable being watched by people from outside, you can sit downstairs on very stylish armchairs and admire photos of old Szczecin which are placed on the walls. 

I'm wearing: Simple coat, Solar scarf, Zara bag, Brandy Melville cardigan, Primark crop top, River Island skirt, Jeffrey Campbell coltrane shoes, New Look necklace.

niedziela, 29 grudnia 2013


I'm so happy! Finally I've got something from Rihanna for River Island collection! I love her collections but whenever I wanted to buy something it was already sold out or they run out of my size...I wasn't lucky until now! Few days ago I saw this perfect backpack on sale, it's so adorable and soft in touch!

I paired vagabond shoes with skirt in this outfit, luckily I was right, they look cute with skirts:)

I'm wearing: Vagabond shoes, American Apparel circle skirt, Urban Outfitters crop top, Topshop cardigan, H&M necklace.

piątek, 27 grudnia 2013

2 Letters For You

So it's after Christmas already...but still there's no snow:( I bought myself a little present for this Christmas:D It's a silverspoonattire beanie. I fall in love with two of them: a black mesh bow beanie with white pearls and a grey cameo beanie, I chose the second one because I'm in love cameo pattern lately, I've got it even on my nails!

Dinner at Cafein with my best friend:)

Pasta with salmon and Salad wita salmon <3 we both love salmon ;D

I'm wearing: Silverspoonattire beanie, Forever 21 sweater, Topshop skirt, Topshop shoes, Pandora bracelet

niedziela, 22 grudnia 2013

Vagabond Shoes

Goodbye Berlin! I had a great time! I'm really going to miss it! 

As I promised in this post I'm showing my new Vagabond shoes from Urban Outfitters. I already fall in love with them, they're perfect for winter, warm and very comfortable. I was planning to buy leather ankle or wedge boots this winter but when I saw those vagabond lace-up boots I knew I have to get them. Well...I guess I'm not really good at planning. But this was a good choice. I like that they're on a makes me look a little taller but they're still very comfortable. In this outfit I paired them with cheap monday ombre jeans but I'm sure they're going to look great with skirts too. :)

I'm wearing: Zara hat, Zara coat, Cheap Monday ombre jeans, Topshop bag, Vagabond shoes